Our goal was to create something with a WOW factor. A WOW factor so strong, it makes you wanna visit O even before it's launch. 

What we did

Strategy, Branding, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Development
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Web Design & Development

By combining light-speed JS animations and video montages we developed a custom website that gives you all the right feelings!

olifestyle screen shot 1

olifestyle screen shot 1

olifestyle screen shot 1

olifestyle screen shot 1

olifestyle screen shot 1

Responsive Web Design

Responsive 1 - O-Lifestyle
Responsive 2 - O-Lifestyle
Responsive 3 - O-Lifestyle

Don't take our word for it, see what our client is saying

We have worked with many of the famed agencies from Hollywood to Hong Kong, dealing with the largest names in the industry and accompanied by the biggest budgets. While the result of those collaborations have always been great, Ruler has redefined the principle of EPIC by creating a superlative product within a budget that defies expectations...

Most believe the best work comes from the most established (and thereby most expensive) agencies, somehow assuming g their product is safer in the hands of the "big boys", but Ruler disproves that rule....not merely through their imaginative and creative talents to produce premium platforms that stand out, but do so in a manner and timeframe that is quite literally impossible for a large agency to match.

Leo Pappas


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