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Nowdays, companies of all sizes need to invest in digital marketing services for continued growth, whether new or already established. Your company achieves extraordinary results with critical online marketing, such as optimizing for search engines, pay-per-click ads, social media advertising, and web design & development.

Digital and information technologies have quickly become part of our daily lives.

As a result, the way people obtain information and entirely change their marketing strategies has been dramatically affected.

With the continued growth and development of digital marketing, it can be challenging to keep up with the most recent digital marketing channels, tactics, technologies, and best practices.

A wide range of digital marketing questions are often asked to the Ruler Digital Agency team, and many of our customers have received similar information in the past years. This article answers some of the questions most often asked about launching a successful digital marketing strategy.

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Is social media marketing beneficial to my company?

digital marketing questions social media marketing

You miss a fast, affordable, and efficient way of reaching almost half the world's people if you do not take advantage of Social Media in your digital marketing strategy.

Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, and Snapchat (the list goes on and on) are ever-increasing in popularity. They have become natural forums to share views, perspectives, and ideas with people. More and more, the primary (or only) place where people interact with brands could be the social media channels.

They can also reach far beyond any offline channels. This has made these platforms the number one choice for skilled marketers. It is the ideal tool for engaging stakeholders, raising brand awareness, bringing traffic to a website, and boosting your company.

What are the advantages of social media marketing for my business?

  • Increase credibility and brand awareness
  • Customer service and satisfaction levels are increased
  • Promote and tell real stories in an online community
  • Get in the spirit of the time
  • Increase revenue with social commerce

How should businesses measure the success of their social media marketing efforts?

Social Media ROI is one of the critical KPIs in the marketing industry. It frequently appears as a percentage. KPIs enable you to compare and contrast various marketing channels to determine the performance and effectiveness of each channel.

You can easily compare the RSP of all your social networks with your search-engine ads or email campaigns, unlike measures that are specific for social media, like loves or shares. This is because analysis of your ROI across different channels allows you with precise, concise measurement to rationalize the impact of all of your marketing efforts. In addition, this analysis can quickly help you to identify which social networks are both most profitable as well as cost-effective for your business. 

What is the budget for social media marketing?

A budget for social media is a document specifying the amount you intend to spend on social media over a particular period, e.g., one month, one quarter, or a year.

Usually presented as a simple table, it creates a clear understanding of the costs of your efforts in social media and is a valuable tool for measuring investment returns.

No rule exists on how much you should be spending on digital marketing in general or on social networks, in particular. However, some general guidelines and benchmarks are supported by research and surveys.

The overall marketing budget depends on whether you market to consumers:

  • B2B firms should allocate 2-5% of marketing revenue.
  • B2C companies are expected to allocate five to ten percent of their marketing revenue.

On which social media channels should my company be engaged?

Many factors determine whether your company is to be on a social media channel.

If your goals, audience, and KPIs all align without social media, then you may be doing fine without it. However, you should consider at least one social media channel to increase exposure or reach new and existing clients.

Is it essential for my business to have a blog for social media marketing?

Concerning your social media marketing, blogging helps to boost your social media activities. Original content to share increases social media involvement and contributes to the overall exposure of your business. Your business blog can get you plenty of benefits — more traffic, leads, authority, and a better relationship with your audience. And you’re undoubtedly itching to get started.

Is B2C or B2B digital marketing more effective?

It is crucial to identify whether you are marketing a consumer-business (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) and understand their nuances when drawing up your digital strategy. You benefit from being a flexible and agile marketer in a constantly developing industry, especially when it comes to applying your holistic cross-channel marketing strategy to marketing theories, new products' features, and general best practices.

Length – influenced by the consumer's decision-making process – is the principal difference between B2C and B2B sales cycles.

What is the best marketing tactic on Facebook?

It is the most popular social media platform with two billion people who use Facebook monthly.

However, if you want your business to stand out among 50 million companies on Facebook, you will need an excellently good Facebook marketing strategy!

Facebook publicity is the cornerstone of the marketing strategies of many small businesses.

In addition to your ads, however, care must be taken about the content on your page.

What are the best ways to use Twitter and LinkedIn for marketing?

When creating a marketing plan and a marketing strategy, it is essential to understand the differences between social media platforms and the best way to leverage each network. Of course, Twitter and LinkedIn are two powerful platforms among the many out there. Although networks are central to any marketing plan, they are very different and must not be confused in many respects. Know where it feels appropriate to promote oneself.

For example, your company's growth and your team's achievements are accepted when using LinkedIn to update your network, but the same thing is frowned upon on Twitter.

How essential is YouTube for marketing?

Video has become part of the online experience of Internet users, and no site holds more videos than YouTube. The website has over 3 billion video views per day and is an excellent place to find consumers for marketers. Their reach is also worldwide; 70% of their traffic goes outside the United States, making it more than American customers.

What role does community engagement play in social media marketing?

There is no doubt that marketing is relevant to community engagement. The primary way to develop a more significant business and gain new customers in a company is to engage your community. Therefore, most social media strategies focus on keeping your attention and being attractive to potential new customers.

This approach is known as a strategy for community involvement.

For many, the primary question is how to keep a member (or customer) of the community involved so that they will be in the first place when they need your services.

The objective is to be attractive, attractive, fun, and thoughtful

How can I use social media marketing to take control of my digital marketing strategy?

Social media marketing is more than just posting several times a day on Facebook and Twitter. It would help if you invested time and work to build your brand, exploit your opportunities and raise sales.

It would be best if you stood out from many competitors and even competed with influencers, famous people, and other big names on social media.

It would be best if you had a brilliant strategy for social media. You must follow these four steps if you want to build a winning social media strategy. Social media marketing is usually unable to achieve the expected results because one of these steps is missing.

  • Step 1: Don't Skip the Research.
  • Step 2: Develop a marketing plan for social media
  • Step 3: Implement your Marketing Plan for Social Media
  • Step 4: Control of Social Media Marketing

If your social media marketing strategy doesn't generate the results you are waiting for, you probably missed one of the four steps mentioned above.

What is the most converting type of social media content?

Your success in social media depends entirely on the success of your postings. However, producing efficient, high-performance content presents several challenges for small companies. It is competitive, time-consuming, and ideally should give your customer experience added value.

Content strategies usually include a diverse mix of content types to overcome these obstacles. In general, few types of social media content help to involve the target audience and influence them. Five such social media content types are present.

  • Content of visuals
  • Strongly positive content
  • User-generated content
  • Interactive content
  • Ebooks

If you want to create social media contents that help your business objectives, it is important to create content that will increase conversions. 

How much time should you devote to social media marketing on a weekly basis?

A survey of VerticalResponse found that 43% of SMEs spend 6 hours weekly on social media marketing. This amounts to 1 hour and 12 minutes per day over a five-day week, which appears reasonable for many small businesses.

Let us take a step back and talk about strategies to answer this question — how long my team should be on social media. In order to achieve your objectives, it's more important to know what channels your target audience uses and the kind of content it involves than to register for posts. The success of social media marketing depends on quality over quantity.

What are some of the most frequent social media marketing mistakes a business makes?

You often see that you should be authentic and create great content in social media marketing guides. But it doesn't always show good results when you try to do that. So you see so many Facebook business pages with only a few hundred subscribers. These businesses could do it all right – but some things could be very wrong.

Here are eight common social media marketing errors you need to avoid if you want to see great results in your social media campaigns:

  • Work without a strategy
  • Assume that everyone is your audience
  • Buying followers
  • Select the wrong tone
  • Use hazardous hashtags
  • Ignore the comments
  • Remove negative remarks
  • To be boring

If you make these mistakes in social media marketing like some of the brands, a remedy exists. Where can I begin? Consider first writing your goals, plans, and target audience for social media marketing.

What are some general social media best practices?

The best practices in social media marketing will lead you to social media providing your brand with greater business value in 2021 if you are prepared to do better. Social media, where consumers spend a great deal of the day, improve your shopping experience, and shorten the procedure in place. We are always looking as humans for easier ways to do what we want. Instead of wasting time on sending the customers to their site, brands should convert them to usability or timeouts as soon as possible. Reduce dropouts by selling your social media posts directly. Marketers want to focus more on their reach, commitment, and effectiveness of social media. 

Consumers are already looking for more meaningful content to inform others. Brands that have defined opinions on issues such as equality, but do nothing, are criticized for their lack of action. Consumers expect brands to adopt a more humane approach.

Another thing is to consider reassigning specific advertising resources to focus on reaching and competent influencers. Ensure that they have confidence and that they reach out to their partnerships in the Community/market and through social media channels. The results could be fantastic.

What actually is content marketing?

content marketing

The core of your marketing should be helpful content.

By the minute traditional marketing is becoming increasingly less effective, you know that there has to be a better way as a forward-thinking marketer.

Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach to create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract, retain and ultimately promote cost-effective customer activities.

You provide real relevant and valuable content for your prospects and clients rather than pitching your products or services to help them solve their problems.

All leading brands use content marketing.

What defines content?

Content creation is the process of generating topic ideas that appeal to your buyer persona, creating written or visual content around those ideas, and make that information available to your audience in a blog, video, infographic or other content format.

What steps should you take to create a content marketing strategy?

The development of a strategy for content marketing is a cycle rather than a process. We create content, follow the results, and adapt our plans as we learn.

In ten steps, this is how to develop a strategy for content marketing:

  • Set your objectives and targets
  • Get to know the audience
  • Conduct a competitive analysis
  • Evaluate your resources
  • Research on the subject and keywords
  • Document your strategies and tactics
  • Content inventory and verification
  • Create a Editorial Calendar
  • Create your content and promote it
  • Monitor and adjust your results

Is it necessary for me to create new content regularly?

The creation of content means not only your blog posts but also the guest posts, videos, ebooks, and podcasts – all forms of content.

How often do you need new content creation? New content creates approximately equal parts of the time, equal amounts of ideas, and equal parts. Content can be reused. For instance, you don't have to create it brand-new while it still takes some work to reformatting it into an eBook.

The old content is precious; they found that over 75% of blog views and over 90% of blog leads originated in olden postings in the benchmark research that Hubspot published.

You can concentrate on the editorial calendar and also find out which subjects you have already covered, which topics you need to improve, and where you need to publish more. You must publish content on different platforms, as already said, in a well-managed content marketing strategy. It might not be an excellent approach to focus on one publishing platform. For example, it may not take you the sort of attention it deserves to publish high-quality content on your website. You have to distribute your content to make it visible elsewhere.

If you screw up with your content, your data and research will tell you. For example, what happens when you publish for two months, three times a week compared to two months, once a week? (I guess what's going on, but you will find out for yourself.) Which of the two test results matches your marketing objectives?

Your reply is there.

How will I know whether my content marketing efforts and overall digital marketing efforts were successful?

Metrics such as social shares and comments on a piece of content are easy to understand. Of course, the success of content can be measured. But this isn't sufficient. You just get a little puzzle piece. Content marketing is a broad-based approach.

There is no way you can gain a holistic view if you don't keep track of performance at many levels on several channels. 

Measuring the success of a content marketing campaign always depends on the objectives you have indicated before any content creation begins. Α digital agency like us focuses primarily on conversions in combination with the content that we create. From website traffic, we track everything to form KPIs that ultimately help us drive growth. Brand awareness is one of the objectives that we look at. Our primary purpose is to track social media and our main audience groups. We also keep a close eye on how organically our content is classified by search engines such as Google in order to see whether our blogs build on our services' key terms.

How might content marketing help me become a thought leader in my field?

One thing is clear – it takes hard work and commitment to be a thought leader in any industry.

Whatever form of marketing or content you choose to use on your journey, just remember one thing, nothing can replace valuable material. Content marketing is defined as providing customers with relevant and useful information without selling or interrupting them.

This three-part objective of content marketing is intended to lead thinking. If brands can consistently achieve this, their consumers will reward them. 

  • Speak to a defined audience clearly
  • Be consistent
  • Work in social media
  • Focus solely on optimizing search engines

The content marketing takes discipline and work. First, be sure that your defined audience, including social channels, consistently receives relevant and useful information. If you succeed, you or your brand will be the answer to your industry as a thought leader.

Search, Social, Video, and Display ads. Which one is more effective?

digital marketing

All ad formats have their advantages in various cases and can be extremely useful. You must, however, understand the difference and when to use each one. It is an essential decision to make because a significant percentage of the paid advertising budget could be wasted with the wrong ad format.

You also have to connect the ads with the a post-click landing page for the best results even after choosing your format and creating an ad. The landing pages are where conversions occur after clicking.

Small companies that want their customer base to overgrow and boost their revenue should invest in ads to increase their brand awareness among a larger audience. Your business can take a variety of different digital approaches. You can concentrate on digital ad platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube and Google Ads, amongst others. Strategically investing in advertising for your business can lead to a high return on investment. Some business owners are unwilling to allocate their budget when it comes to investment in marketing. While we can understand why they may be skeptical, it is more important than ever to invest in your digital marketing. Actually, confronted of your competition, your most efficient way is to invest in your marketing activity, as organic views of the social post decline with the lightning speed.

What is the most valid argument for advertising your company on social media?

Whether you are looking for ways to expand your reach and visibility, drive engagement around your brand, increase website traffic or app use, optimize for users to add to cart, acquire more leads, and drive sales, you can accomplish these and more through social media marketing. Depending on where in the funnel your target audience is, you can select the appropriate campaign type related to your goal at that stage and assist your users through the funnel and towards conversion. A digital marketing agency can help you reach your goals and grow your revenue or brand awareness more quickly than another traditional advertising tactic.

With the mind of a marathon, not a sprint, marketing success is achieved. Best practices are focused instead of fast fixes on long-term strategies.


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