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360° Digital Marketing Explained

A solid strategy for digital marketing needs to provide a 360-degree consumer perspective.

  • You ought to question which digital platforms your target audience uses.
  • Where are the people spending most of their time online?
  • How is the journey for the customer to your website?
  • How can you follow up and track leads as they come into your inbox?
  • How do you get sales to input on whether the lead has been successful or not?

A 360-degree view means that you don't leave any holes in your plan for future clients falling through the cracks.

You may be sending emails to clients, sending them personalized content such as emails, scheduling social content, and optimizing your website's SEO to rank organically on the top results pages of the search engines.

All these are focus points for your digital marketing strategy. However, if you skip one essential item, you may lose out on potential quality leads.

We'll break down the eight essential elements of an effective digital marketing strategy in this blog post:

This information is collated from a variety of different channels, including, among others, the Social Media Today, Search Engine Journal, Aberdeen, SalesForce, New Voice Media, and Wheelhouse Advisors.

1. Website

Keep in mind that your website is the ultimate destination all of your digital marketing strategies lead to. If it's a landing page or a service page with a web form, you need to give the client an outstanding and seamless user experience on the website.

Make sure you place call-to-actions across all your heavily trafficked website pages, such as services pages and blog posts, in order to generate leads that you will add to your CRM to go through the lead nurturing process.

It is also essential that your website content is SEO optimized from the get-go so that when customers ask Google questions about the answers you give, your brand is discovered organically.

Since Google's machine learning has progressed, SEO has become a fascinating science that needs further focus. Nevertheless, Google has become extremely skilled in identifying natural and useful material, surprisingly so.

So all you need to do as an average digital marketer is to add value to your prospects by sharing exclusive, rich content, and you'll ascend up the Google Search Engine rankings.

Last but not least, don't forget that your website needs to be responsive so it can adjust correctly and be easy to navigate on a wide variety of mobile devices since mobile traffic is growing every year. A great website makes a strong first impression with website visitors, and always note that when it comes to creating a website, usability trumps style. So when it comes to web design choose wisely the company you are going to work with.

2. PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)

Do you know that in search engine results, the top three paid advertisement spots get 41 percent of clicks? Perhaps now is the time to enter digital marketing by choosing PPC and leverage it to promote your small or big business effectively.

PPC contains ad types as:

  • Search Ads
  • Display ads (Banners, Videos, etc.)
  • Social Media Ads
  • Remarketing
  • Dynamic Product Ads (Through Google Shopping & Facebook Shopping Ads)

With PPC, you pay by the click you get on your banner, video, social media post, and of course, the text ads on the search engine results. PPC's uniqueness is that you can target your audience with ease and accuracy, and see results in a brief period of time.

Nonetheless, 'Short Period of Time' also means that it is a fast fix compared to SEO that takes longer to see results for companies to gain online attention and brand recognition of their goods and services.

With PPC, you can have ads appearing for the keywords you want to target potential clients in search engine results and affiliated websites within a day.

Your ads will stop running when you run out of budget, however. That's PPC's one real drawback. You're merely renting Google Traffic. So most of us just want to own it.

PPC is a perfect way for a company to put its best foot forward while supporting the much more cost-effective SEO approach for that long-term advantage.

3. Social Media

Taking full advantage of all the social media platforms your target audience uses is one of the best ways to boost your online presence as a small or big company.

By regularly focussing on your social media channels, you can efficiently deliver highly targeted content to your audience enhancing you digital marketing plan.

Social Media networks such as LinkedIn are useful for generating better-quality business and B2B leads, but can also come at a higher cost depending on how well you set the objective (e.g., sponsored content or InMail) and targeting. But don't forget to spend time and resources on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which all cater to different target audiences, age groups, and users. Twitter and Facebook are great tools for promoting your content at a low cost per click (CPC), and Instagram is excellent for promoting lifestyle labels.

4. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Ninety-three percent (93%) of online interactions start with organic search engines, and seventy percent (70%) of visiting users click on organic search engine results page ( SERPs).

Taking this into account, not having a presence in the organic results of the search engines, or not being on Google's first page for a keyword or term, makes it difficult for your potential clients to find your company.

SEO lets you both build awareness of the brand and increase the traffic on your websites.

Your rivals and big business have now spent a lot of time and money in optimizing their websites for Google likes and are taking top spots on SERPs. You need to have your company there as well.

SEO makes your website more noticeable in the organic results of search engines and, of course, increases the traffic on your website.

By studying the market and learning the keywords and phrases that your target audience uses, you can match these data with the services you provide, and you can start improving the content on your website.

You can do this analysis using free resources such as the Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Trends to see what your keywords are, and then you can assess your rankings from there. Track these rankings to see if you are consistently developing your company and rising up the ranks on target terms that drive valuable web traffic.

If you have a specific budget available, then we highly recommend a tool such as SEOMoz or Ahrefs for your content & keyword analysis.

The long-term advantages of adopting a monthly SEO Strategy are essential to remember. For example, when Google sees increased interest and interaction, a well-optimized landing page can gain more and more traction over time.

In fact, a well-researched and SEO-optimized blog technique involving back-linking and using pillar links significantly increases over time the organic traffic and conversions.

You should be prepared to work weekly at SEO and for several months until you see results.

5. Quality content and content marketing

Content is one of the most crucial elements available to you.

Using various content types, check out and see what works for you. Infographics, videos, podcasts, social media, how-to guides, blog posts, and eBooks are all ways to test the audience's best response and lead to more opportunities for lead generation.

Build content that speaks to your customer's needs and pain points.

The secret to this is to create appropriate and reliable content that will draw users to your website, products, and services at all times. Remember to create authentic, publicly available content in the form of blogs and social posts that will entice your prospects to download more in-depth 'gated' content that needs basic or detailed data capture.

6. Outbound email campaigns

According to recent studies, ninety-one percent (91%) of customers check their email regularly, which means you can incorporate outbound email campaigns in your digital marketing strategy.

Email marketing may not be as trendy as it once was, but your company needs to take advantage of all the aspects of digital marketing to gain the upper hand on the competition.

Email campaigns are also an effective way to connect and discuss with current customers, create trust, and establish prospect relationships. Email marketing helps you to cultivate leads with personalized content that responds directly to their points of pain.

This form of approach for lead nurturing can be automated to occur 24/7.

Although your sales and customer support teams are busy, managing your email is showing value and keeping you at the forefront.

Be mindful, however, that if your message isn't tailored to your contacts, bulk emails may quickly become spam. A CRM framework is used for the most potent email techniques-allowing you to filter cleverly through all your contacts based on contact date, work description, persona, and much more.

You can send tailor-made, automated emails with customized contact lists that not only greet them by name but also provide more appropriate content based on their history of website visits. Welcome Conversions.

7. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

One can not emphasize enough the value of after-sales service in any sector. Delighting your prospects in the selling cycle is crucial but equally necessary to attract and retain your customers with an outstanding experience.

Keeping consumer relations solid will be part of the overall digital marketing strategy. Think about how you will continue to attract and retain your clients so that they remain as long as possible under contract with your goods and services.

Customer acquisition costs are high, so make retention a priority.

Following a good selling cycle, successful retention is down to two aspects.

A conscious handing over to customer support and distribution teams from the sales department.
Deliver what the customer wants by always understanding them well.

And you need CRM tools to keep track of your customers. We recommend HubSpot CRM, but you can choose from other CRM choices.

And make room for end-to-end efficient customer support in your digital strategy to deal with customer management. It explicitly ties in with existing CRM applications.

8. Sustaining incoming leads from Digital Marketing

One of the leading business challenges will be successfully managing the leads through all digital platforms. A 360-degree approach to your digital marketing ensures that you can fulfill the needs and desires of the prospects and clients through all the digital marketing channels.

Inbound lead nurturing includes providing lead with appropriate, reliable, and quality content in your contacts database to direct them further down the sales funnel, so they ultimately turn and become repeat customers.

Conduct extensive research into your market and create content (blog posts, eBooks, whitepapers, checklists, etc.) that discuss consumer concerns at every point of the sales funnel.

The first prize here is to adopt the Inbound Marketing approach in accordance with CRM, as it directs and supports your business marketing strategies. CRM achieves so by helping you to connect with the target user, collect their details with smart landing pages & forms, and use intelligent and automated communications to cultivate them.

Automated nurturing helps assess incoming leads, encouraging the sales team with higher-priority leads to concentrate on first-a much more effective and data-enlightened way of converting.

Final Thoughts on 360° Digital Marketing

When you follow all of the above guidelines completely, you can start putting the loose ends together in your overall digital marketing strategy.

If you have further questions regarding 360-degree Digital Marketing Strategies or need help developing a digital marketing strategy, our team is ready to help you no matter the size of your business.

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