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For almost a decade a small group of committed people have been making a name for themselves in the digital market, the WeHitch team. Our team has grown in expertise and stature by staying true to the core principles of the business and have built strong trust relationships with our clients.

The thought of a new company name started to cross our minds. The Phrase “New Company Name” creates much fear and excitement amongst digital professionals at the same time. For a good reason too. It’s an opportunity that rarely comes about, but it also takes you into the great unknown. How will a new brand name be received?

In our case, a company rename was long overdue. When the company was founded in Athens during 2009, the name WeHitch, meaning we connect (our clients to their clients), was picked since that was our primary goal.

As our services and capabilities rapidly expanded, we ruled within the market and became known for our unique approach to our client’s needs. Now we are looking at ruling even a larger part of the market providing measurably effective digital services.

The time came and we decided that ‘WeHitch’ no longer gave a true representation of what we offered as a Digital Agency.

With the arguments for a new brand name clear, we set out with one aim. To select a new name and design a brand identity which would set us apart from the rest companies in the industry, and work worldwide. This is why WeHitch became RULER!

For us the name RULER has both a literal and symbolic meaning:

“We create measurably effective work that makes people sit up and take notice and that makes us Rulers of our market.”

Our clients can expect the same excellent service and unique consultative approach to delivering the best digital solutions as before.

The Team focus has always been client-centric and this will continue under the new brand RULER.

We are incredibly excited as our company enters a new era. An era where we will continue to help companies with their digital presence & value through their website and their online advertising by truly understanding their audience and creating meaningful interactions.

Meet the Ruler Brand

Our Logo

Our logo was developed to be modern and future-proof, updating our public persona and realising the design with new techniques. It is a distinctive mark and brand that seeks to present Our Company as a forward-thinking, digital agency.

The graphic element replacing the letter “E” is constructed using parallel lines, refering to the lines of a ruler.

The typographic element is designed to complement and enhance the logo graphic. Existing in harmony, it neither dominates or becomes insignificant.

The supporting typeface is clean and minimalist to reinforce our identity as a quality, digital agency.


ruler black


Our Colors

Our colours define our brand. We’re bold, bright and confident. Simple and to the point.



Our Typography

Typography is the backbone of design, getting it right is paramount.







We feel wildly creative today! What’s on your mind?

Rule with us

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