'Love Things' Social Campaign

We at Ruler Digital Agency we get it: the best stories are told at the right time! Take our collaboration with Anastasia Kessaris on the 'Love Things' campaign. Our mission? To make social media gold in a 48-hour reactive content blitz. We lined up 9 posts, each one a stepping stone to Valentine's Day, hitting followers with that sweet spot of anticipation and real-time relevance.

What we did

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The Solution

Here's the playbook: Yorgos Lanthimos's 'Poor Things' lent us its whimsy, turning each post into a scene where jewelry took the spotlight amidst the surreal. Each post was a teaser, part of a bigger story. We let the jewelry float among hot air balloons in our reels, and crafted captions that caught followers off-guard with their wit and charm, much like the movie itself.

"LOVE the THINGS that make you dance like no one’s watching, the Bella Baxter style 💃

"Precious THINGS must be carved with LOVE 💗"

“Oh, look up Bella! It’s only the most fascinating earrings you could wear tonight 🪐🌙✨#LoveThings “


The numbers are in, and 'Love Things' didn't just flirt with success—it went all the way. We clocked an engagement rate by reach at 7.99%, while our Summary Organic Reach of Posts soared to 9,152. When compared to the previous period, Total Organic Reach (Unique) blossomed by +24.2%. Instagram became a buzzing hub, with profile visits up by +78.9%, and the cherry on top: a +37.5% increase in follows.

Engagement rate by reach
Sum. Organic Reach of Posts
Total Orgnic Reach (Unique)
Instagram profile visits
Instagram follows

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Don't take our word for it, see what our client is saying

Ruler Agency with their creativity and innovation proposed the “Love Things” concept for Valentine’s Day content, that was fresh, up to date and perfectly aligned with my brand identity.

They continued to build upon that idea, seamlessly integrating our input and feedback into their creative process, to finally present a visual that exceeded all expectations, leaving a lasting impression on our followers.

Anastasia Kessaris
- Founder & Jewelry Designer of Anastasia Kessaris

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