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Defining the future of exceptional hospitality isn't easy, but it's a challenge that we at our agency take seriously. That's why we're proud to have collaborated with The Baobab Effect, a hospitality consulting agency based in Greece, to deliver a state-of-the-art website and brand identity that showcases their expertise in the Greek hospitality industry. Inspiration always comes from somewhere. For The Baobab Effect, it's been their deep-rooted understanding and genuine empathy for their customers' aspirations.

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Branding, Web Design, Development
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Web Design & Development

Our team of design experts came up with a logo that uses negative space to convey the baobab tree shape and a futuristic font to embody their commitment to delivering innovative hospitality experiences that resonate with their clients' unique visions. The UI design of the website includes micro animations and an app design feel, providing a seamless and engaging user experience that’s reflective of the contemporary Greek island landscape. Our web development team's commitment to excellence and attention to detail has resulted in a website that not only exceeds industry standards but also sets a new benchmark for performance, accessibility, and user experience (UX).

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Responsive Web Design

Responsive 1 - The Baobab Effect
Responsive 2 - The Baobab Effect
Responsive 3 - The Baobab Effect


Our goal is to inspire and empower our clients to create bespoke digital experiences that reflect the true essence of their brand. We aim to be a place where the best can be their best and create extraordinary memories that resonate with their unique vision. What’s yours?

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