Rice Rice Baby 360-Degree Video Campaign

Our long-standing partner, BIOKARPOS was looking for a creative direction that would highlight the new rice-based product line as a go-to-choice among other plant-based options.

What we did

Strategy, Digital Marketing, 360 Marketing Campaign

Digital Marketing & Strategy


Increase brand awareness and website traffic for BIOKARPOS

The Solution

The “Rice Rice Baby” campaign for BIOKARPOS was a true triumph, with record-breaking results that speak for themselves. Our strategic planning and execution yielded impressive numbers, including reaching over half a million people with our social video ad and achieving a significant user traffic increase by 204,8%.

But that's not all - our YouTube skippable ad was a game-changer, with a remarkable 80.48% of viewers watching the video to at least 50%. And for those who did skip the ad, they still received an impressive 904,095 impressions, reaching a significant number of potential customers.

The success of this campaign is undeniable, and it's all thanks to the hard work and expertise of our team.

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Brought to you by our team of skilled digital experts and designers at Ruler Digital Agency, “Rice Rice Baby” digital campaign included social media ads and YouTube skippable ads. The purpose of the campaign was to attract new customers while driving existing customers to the website to explore the new rice-based product line. To add a creative twist, our team used a popular 80’s song from Vanilla Ice called "Ice Ice Baby" and changed the lyrics to "Rice Rice Baby" to make the campaign more memorable to new potential audiences & create a sense of familiarity with the brand’s strongest audience aged 45+.

People Reached
Social Media Impressions
Website Users
Video Played to 50%
Youtube Impressions
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