The CrocoBean brand's main goal was to distinguish itself as a high-end coffeehouse option on the market and win over coffee connoisseurs looking for a distinctive and superior coffee experience.

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Target Audience

Coffee lovers who value luxury brands and are looking for a high-end coffee experience are the company's target market. They range in age from 25 to 45 and prefer distinctive and superior goods.

Branding Strategy

The goal of the branding strategy has been to highlight the distinctive pairing of crocodile and coffee as well as the opulent elements of the CrocoBean brand in order to position it as a premium coffeehouse option. The use of the crocodile pattern, along with the minimalist and colorful design, contributes to the feeling of exclusivity and luxury. The brand's logo is a cute crocodile pictogram, and the overall design is simple, colorful, and sophisticated thanks to the use of a straightforward Sans Serif font.


CrocoBean has been able to distinguish itself as a premium coffeehouse option and entice coffee lovers who value the Italian coffee flavors by highlighting the unique pairing of crocodile and coffee as well as the high-quality aspects of the brand.

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