Introducing O Private Aviation program


Everything started the moment O Lifestyle trusted our marketing team to .. fly them without taking them for a ride! That was our Social Media Campaign (Facebook & Instagram) message. “Fly private without being taken for a ride” … our clients fastened their seatbelts and together we flew our way to success that we couldn’t even imagine! O Lifestyle had a mission. They wanted to introduce people that are already interested in private aviation programs and take them beyond .. to an exclusive opportunity combining safe investments on luxury real estate and free flight hours. Sounds complicated, right? Yes we know but we made it simple! Their primary goal was to reach the right audience and educate them about this new way of .. luxury lifestyle!

What we did

Digital Marketing, 360 Marketing Campaign, Social Media Advertising

Digital Marketing & Strategy


Raise awareness about the O Lifestyle Aviation program

Reach the right - specific audience that can afford it

The Solution

Ruler came up with 360 digital marketing strategy

We broke our strategy down into 5 phases.

  1. Research of Competitors and Customers
  2. Development of Content and Growth Strategy
  3. Implementation of Content and Growth Strategy
  4. Measurement and Reporting
  5. Optimization

Our team effectively used a data - driven digital marketing strategy by taking the aid of ads on social media. Firstly, we did an extensive research about the targeted audience and found out that our potential clients are usually first class travellers, luxury resorts visitors, real estate investors, interested in business jets, luxury yachts etc.

We used specific objective - oriented ad campaigns to fuel their marketing funnel. We built the personas we were going to target and we defined the KPIs of our main objectives.

Our campaign objective selection was important because it was optimized by goal.

In order to obtain a good online appearance we came up with an idea of using a Collection Ad where the targeted audience would feel the curiosity to uncover what is O Lifestyle program. What does it mean “Fly private without being taken for a ride?” And What is O that introduces an evolved lifestyle?

We spoke directly to our audience heart.

As a result:

We drove an increased number of users to the website by 679,43% in comparison with the previous 3 months and 25% increase of goal completions!

Between the period of January 1st to April 1st , we generated:

Page Engagement
Link Clicks
per link Click
Instant Experience View Rate
Landing Page Views
Avg Session Duration
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