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Ruler was brought on to help Reconomy create a new look and website to go along with the current "web trends". Challenging as it was, among many features we even made a dynamic interactive map that shows the areas of action. By clicking each region you are able to explore the details of all actions related to the region. We created a custom made website that gives a clear view of Reconomy’s objective. Refined look and easy navigation for an optimized user experience.

What we did

Strategy, Web Design, Development
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Web Design & Development

Reconomy website was created using a Custom Wordpress Theme. Our team built an informational portal where all content is connected through detailed taxonomies. We gave extra thought to the interaction part, allowing the user to click on the maps, use advanced search & filtering, download content or even comment & reply in all posted articles. Best practices in development where combined to turn this website into a UI/UX unique experience: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery & JavaScript, GSAP, PHP, Framework Bootstrap 5 & SVG map animations.

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