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Our purpose was to pass our clients’ philosophy and feeling into a Web Design where you can experience the harmony & home-like feeling that you can find at Nesea.

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Web Design & Development

Our Web Design approach is modern & interactive with visual elements like images and graphics in complete harmony with the colours of Nesea Boutique Apartments. We decided to develop a design strategy that would underline the brand's philosophy in combination with the unique content that helps Nesea to stand out from the competition.

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Responsive Web Design

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Digital Marketing & Strategy

After a good understanding of the competitive environment and our customer advantages, we created a holistic digital marketing approach – 360-degree digital strategy. We are confident we can win customers by keeping things real and making them feel that Nesea is the perfect place to relax. Our digital strategy combines all the right channels and delivers the clear message that Nesea is different from other boutique apartments in Hydra. Our approach is rooted in branding and content production by continually collecting data and optimizing our plan.

Don't take our word for it, see what our client is saying

Ruler agency took over in February 2020 to customely design Nesea Boutique apartments website.

Nireas and his team did a fantastic job. They immediately understood the concept and aesthetics of our brand new company and developed a website that clearly represents the idea of Nesea ‘luxury with simplicity’ and infuses the island feeling with its light blue and white colours, minimalistic fonts and clear design.

The website is easy in use and the motion effects in some pictures and texts makes it really attractive to the site visitor.

I was 100% satisfied with Ruler agency unique and innovative work and would definitely recommend them for any future web development.

Evi Acheila

Co. Founder of Nesea boutique apartments

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