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Mina Kaouni & Associates have been known to rule national courtrooms. Although they had been lacking “digital representation”. This is where we came in!

What we did

Strategy, Branding, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Development
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Web Design & Development

Our team of developers worked closely with the law office to create a dynamic yet simplified Content Management System (CMS), that could be handled internally. The key goal was to develop an ecosystem of multiple profiles that would allow each office partner to interact with the content in order to upload legal news & occurring social issues on a daily basis. We’re working hand-in-hand with our client towards an accessible online world of justice for all!

 Mina Kaouni & Associates Law Firm Screen

 Mina Kaouni & Associates Law Firm Screen

 Mina Kaouni & Associates Law Firm Screen

 Mina Kaouni & Associates Law Firm Screen

Responsive Web Design

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Digital Marketing & Strategy

From zero to 402,975 users in 18 months with an average growth rate of 22,000 new users per month! “Legally” active on social media running activist campaigns of social interest that has driven 534,117 actively engaged users to the website until now!
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Don't take our word for it, see what our client is saying

I could only describe our collaboration with the Ruler team as excellent. They took over the entire digital presence of our law firm, from our website to paid ads and social media and the results exceeded our expectations. In a challenging field, such as the lawyers' field, the careful presentation, the promotional videos, the daily monitoring and all the actions they took, multiplied the leads both online and offline in a brief period, without a trace of exaggeration. They contributed decisively, carefully listening to our wishes about our expansion towards a broader audience, and we thank them for that. We wouldn't be what we are today without this team next to us. We chose the top to lead us to the top!

Asimina Kaouni

Founder of Mina Kaouni & Associates Law Firm

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