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6 Tips for best performing LinkedIn content

No1 Platform for business has its own secrets, especially if you are looking for high-quality clients.

Are you wondering how your LinkedIn posts will receive more comments? Would you like to know how users will engage with your content in LinkedIn? Are you missing out on opportunities to grow your business?

If you want to leverage LinkedIn to scale your brand and attract people here you will find what you need!

6 Juicy Tips for Posting Like a Pro:

1. What are the best times & days to post on LinkedIn?

The top 3 best days to post to LinkedIn are Thursdays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Are you curious about what is the best time to post on LinkedIn?

Always post between:

10 a.m. - 12 p.m. At this time, people are fully engaged in their work. Share a thorough, informative LinkedIn post, highlight your expertise, and start a conversation. The core of your narrative and approach is found in these posts.

3 p.m. - 6 p.m. People are still seated at their desks even though work is nearing its end. More experimental content, such as surveys, photo carousels, slide shows, or videos, are essential at this time. These posts are a fantastic way to interact with your audience and try out fresh concepts.


By the way... what people usually do? They just post whenever it is most convenient for them! DO NOT fall into this trap; If you must, use one of the many content schedulers available.

However, you don’t want to lose a single LinkedIn post idea. Get into the habit of making notes on your phone or in a notepad so you can develop content ideas later on.

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Tips for best performing LinkedIn content - Video
Tips for best performing LinkedIn content - Poll
Tips for best performing LinkedIn content - Carousel Post
Tips for best performing LinkedIn content - Leadership Post
Tips for best performing LinkedIn content - Catchy text Post
Tips for best performing LinkedIn content - Highlight company leaders

Source: LinkedIn

2. Comments on LinkedIn are quite advantageous.

They have an impact on your connections, profile, and reach. Let's explore some strategies for utilizing the Comments area: Use comments rather than shares to scam the LinkedIn algorithm. Here's a little-known fact: the LinkedIn algorithm despises reposted content. Avoid the Share option if you want to grow your audience. When you comment on a post, it’s reshared automatically in your news feed. Add a summing up comment that reminds people of what you're offering if a post is popular. A calendar link, a website link, or a straightforward request to chat with you directly might all be included. You've shown your value through your content; make the deal now.

3. You should never leave a comment without a reaction.

You are disregarding a potential connection, client, mentor, or partner every time you ignore a comment. It should be obvious that interacting with the comments is essential to your LinkedIn social marketing plan. Be specific in your comments; those with at least five words appear to be more effective than those with only one or two words. Even the comments left on other authors' posts can be useful to you. Get in there and start reacting to peoples if you see a great post with a neglected comments section.

4. The best-performing LinkedIn content format is the Long-Form Text Posts.

As we’ve seen, LinkedIn is a very text-focused social network. As a rule, you’re aiming for about 700 - 1.300 characters. Create five or six paragraphs to divide your post into.

For ease of reading, each paragraph should be no longer than a few lines. When writing a post, go back and read it to determine which sentence is most absolutely essential.

The main point is typically placed at the conclusion. However, since that is the catch, put it in the lead paragraph. Fill in the backdrop in the following paragraphs after the hook. People are more inclined to click See More if you pique their interest. The hook may be a crucial piece of advice, a provocative question, or even a controversial statement.

Keep in mind that you want to encourage discussion in the comments!

5. Video is a format that LinkedIn is growing rapidly.

It's giving the platform a little-different kind of content. The shortest videos are the most powerful and the most effective ones are under 30 seconds long. Your videos need to have a hook, just like a text post.

Your LinkedIn video has to be shorter and snappier than a written post. Be straightforward, clear, and sweet. Instead, rather than capturing people's attention for extended durations, your focus should be to get the most reactions, comments, and impressions. You can reuse video content from other channels if creating more videos feels like a luxury. Simply by posting video content at all, which is still quite new for LinkedIn creators, you'll distinguish out.

6. On LinkedIn, image carousels are an amazingly powerful content format. You can share with them:

  • A series of images with a narrative
  • A slide show presenting your brand
  • Screenshots of the comments on your posts
  • Screenshots taken from posts on multiple social media platforms

Don't be scared to reuse information like twitter threads and comments. They serve as excellent discussion generators and demonstrate that you have a sizable LinkedIn audience on other social media platforms.

Bonus Tip 🤟

People frequently believe that since LinkedIn is a business network, they must communicate professionally. They define "professionally" as stiff, uncomfortable, and difficult to read.

Alternatively, you should use your authentic voice when producing content. Share more than just official press releases and job openings. Share experiences, provide insights, and write your personal stories.

To make sure you've covered all the essential points and chosen the appropriate tone, you'll frequently want to draft posts ahead of time. Avoid, however, the pitfall of excessive editing. Try speaking in a casual, conversational manner instead.

Keep in mind that every user who views your content will do so on their own terms. You are communicating with a single person; you are not performing for a crowded meeting room. Your primary goal is to give to each person the sense of importance. Additionally, you want to give that person a sense of importance because you're selling on LinkedIn.

It's fine to mention yourself in posts. But it's often ideal to focus on the reader at the post's introduction. Instead of writing in the formal third person, write in the second person with plenty of "you" expressions, then save expressing your own thoughts till later in the post.

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