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How to be prepared for the (Meta) future with creators!

Creators are constantly evolving and that’s a fact!

People respond to creators because of their authenticity and creativity, not because they are famous celebrities.

When you ‘re looking for a creator, consider them an extension of your team and a creative collaborator, rather than just a megaphone.

86% of people would try/purchase or recommend when content is “shareworthy.”

82% of people would try/purchase or recommend when content is “inspiring.”

Source: Meta-commissioned research conducted by Kantar.(online study of 15,003 people ages 18+ across US, GB, DE, KR, BR), Q4 2019.

Why do I need a creator for my brand?

In order to unlock your brand’s full potential , Meta is giving you the opportunity to collaborate with creators.

This opportunity reveals:

  1. Only meaningful connections
  2. Experimental Creativity
  3. Entrepreneurial growth


To manage and expand your collaborations with creators, connect with your creator in Meta Business Suite.

In the Meta Business Suite you manage which creators have access to your Paid Partnership Label .


A meaningful collaboration with creators can bring jaw-dropping results 😵 and a real business impact.

A successful digital marketing strategy in 2022 should follow the next steps:

Step 1 - Choose the right Creator

Begin with the definition of your brand’s growth strategy & campaign creativity. Align on your brand objectives early on to ensure everyone's success.  Create a campaign strategy that includes specific goals and the hypothesis you want to test & consider how creators could play different roles in your strategy. When the key business metrics & core objectives will be defined  it is time to work with the right creator. Determine which creators share your brand's values and can deliver the desired impact. Inform your creators about organic and paid options. Strike a balance between the creator's point of view and your business goals.

TIP - Combination strategies, with a mix of macro and micro creator content, worked most efficiently for advertisers across the funnel.

A combination strategy had a:

12% lower cost-per- click

Source: Results from a 3-cell split test set-up: BAU + Aspiring Creator content vs BAU + Established creator content vs BAU + Aspiring + Established creator content. 11 tests were conducted across NA, EMEA, APAC across GBG Scaled, ECommerce Core, Disruptors verticals from 2021-01-01 through 2021-08-01.

How to connect with a creator?

Connect with your creator in Meta Business Suite so that you can manage and scale your partnerships with creators.

Meta Business Suite is where you manage which creators have access to your Paid Partnership Label.

 Level Up your Marketing Strategies with Creators step 1

Source: Screenshot from Meta Presentation

Step 2 - Growth & Paid media

This is your opportunity to inspire your creator so you should excite them! Inform your creators keeping both paid and organic in mind. Balance the point of view of the creator with your business objectives.

TIP - Shorter briefs may take longer to create, but you will have a better chance of success if your creator is aware of your requirements from the beginning.

If you give your creator too much information, they can overlook what you actually need.

Reaching the right audience to make an impact is one of your primary goals. Utilize paid media to boost the content to the largest possible group of relevant platform users. Paid media is offering a great chance to reach more people and improve the performance of your collaborations.

 Level Up your Marketing Strategies with Creators step 2

Source: Screenshot - Example from Meta Presentation

Step 3 - The content should benefit both sides

Transparency fuels authenticity & delivers the best results.



of consumers said they’d take a positive action, like trying a brand or recommending it to a friend, when Branded Content is clear about its commercial intent—that’s 21% more than when commercial intent isn’t made clear.


This is the average lower cost per purchase on Instagram Branded Content ads compared to ads run from creator handles without the Paid Partnership Label.

Source: "Branded Content Research" by Kantar (Meta-commissioned online study of 15,003 people ages 18+ across US, GB, KR, BR), Q4 2019. Analysis of a scaled, controlled lift study with over 300 brands on Instagram, comparing Instagram Branded Content ads to creator handle ads on Instagram without the paid partnership label, across verticals & regions, 2021

 Level Up your Marketing Strategies with Creators step 3

Source: Screenshot from Meta Presentation


  1. Partner with creators for engaging short- form video in Reels. Reels with Paid Partnership Label allow you to collaborate with creators on short-form video across Instagram and Facebook.
  2. With branded content ads that include product tags, you can turn your creator collaborations shoppable.
  3. Enable consumers to purchase directly from branded content. You effortlessly go to product detail pages by clicking a tag.
  4. Use transparent creative that delivers for the brand while leveraging the creator's authentic voice.

Step 4 - Your Paid Strategy & Creator Collaborations

Building in a paid strategy allows your organic content to reach more people!

By fusing the authenticity of the creator with the powerful targeting and optimization capabilities of Meta, Branded Content advertising give marketers the ability to turn creator content into ads that will be seen by everyone, including and beyond the creator's followers.

  • Test running ads using your best performing organic content.
  • For optimum results, combine your business-as-usual ad campaigns and your branded content ads.

Branded content ads drive results from brand to conversion.

They are more successful at influencing both upper and lower funnel outcomes when paired with business-as-usual (BAU) ads produced by the brand.

Adding Branded Content ads to BAU DR campaigns drove positive incremental value for purchases with a

90% probability to outperform.

Source: 18 conversion lift studies from April 2020 to May 2021, run in NORAM, EMEA, and APAC, representing the Retail, CPG, Ecommerce, and Entertainment verticals.

Organic & Paid Formats

Level Up your Marketing Strategies with Creators step 4 

Source: Screenshot, Example from Meta Presentation

TIP - In order to set up branded content ads connect with your creators through the Paid Partnerships tab in Meta Business Suite and then run your ad campaign through Ads Manager. 

Step 5 - MeaSURE

The most important step is to measure the success level of your collaboration. Focusing on measuring is vital for your business so you can make data-drive decisions.

In order to demonstrate  results, apply the same measurement strictness to the creator,  as you would do to your own brand campaigns.

Always remember to: measure, evaluate and iterate for future digital marketing campaigns.

  • Compare the campaign's results to the objectives you defined during the Identify step.
  • Set up advanced learning timetables to develop an iterative and strategic creator marketing strategy.
  • Test your hypotheses around what increases conversion or brand metrics lift to elevate your always-on strategy.

TIP - Understanding various growth strategies might help you focus on your efforts and speed up your progress.

What comes next to Meta Creators?

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