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Coming right from the source, Mark announces the latest Facebook updates from his personal account and the digital marketing workforce is once more dwelling in FOMO. You are probably already aware of some as the Facebook Ads Manager & Pages Manager are in a constant “state of glitch”.

The list of new features goes on & on from WhatsApp Shopping & VR Ads to a brand new Messenger API for Instagram (keep those DM’s coming… from anywhere!)

Let’s break these new features down into categories & start counting Facebook’s blessings to social media advertising for businesses this last month.

The Category is: Shop ’til All Social Platforms Drop

Looking to buy an item online is like searching for a needle in haystack… Why bother when Mark is bombarding you with Shop Ads, Shops on WhatsApp & Marketplace or Instagram Visual Search. Before you start judging, though, how many times have you written “lala lalalala” to search for a song on YouTube and wished that ‘Shazam’ existed long before it became true? This is one of these times with Instagram Visual Search where you’ll be able to discover products based on images that inspire you! That’s right! Your personal Instagram shopper is soon to be launched & we (advertisers & online shopping freaks) honestly can’t wait!

Personalised shopping becomes even more immersive with the new Shop Ads & Reel Ads formats.

As far for the Shop Ads, they will be curated according to your own experiences on the platform & will point you directly to the right Shop’s collection. Reel Ads, on the other hand, will offer a creative format where people can discover new content on Instagram, which also means new brands of all sizes. Small business owners, that’s your chance to shine!

The next Category is: Direct Messaging is Your Best Business Partner

A client in need of direct communication is a client indeed! And, although, brand loyalty won’t be built in a day, the new Messenger API for Instagram & WhatsApp Shopping might boost this process significantly. The Messenger API for Instagram, which was announced at F8 Refresh on June 2nd, helps businesses manage instant messaging on a bigger scope & take advantage of quality sales leads.

Businesses may utilize API to facilitate client communication by responding to them on Instagram using the same engagement platform they use for other channels.

Instagram messaging can also be integrated with other tools and systems, including CRM, inventory management, and analytics.

Shops on WhatsApp, additionally, will streamline the communication between businesses & customers before buying something. Businesses will only need to set up their shop once & have it published across Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp.

The Final Category is: VR Ads or Else You Can’t Sit With Us

The “mean girl” of Facebook Ads is here…to stay?

The goal of Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) is to get more people into virtual reality, improve the user experience, and develop long-term augmented reality pursuits. One of them is in-headset ads, which are currently being tested in the Oculus mobile app & will follow Facebook’s advertising principles in the “build for people first” pattern. The Oculus Platform will provide soon further information about when ads will be more widely available across the Oculus Platform and in the Oculus mobile app, as well as guidance for companies and developers interested in Oculus advertising.

When it comes down to Facebook updates, they all happen at once or take some time to be tested. Digital agencies can either cope or thrive on these changes being able to adapt quickly & effectively.

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