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Digital Marketing is going as fast as Elon Musk’s Tesla

Revolution is here!

If you want to stay on the front line you have to follow new technology and digital trends that are drastically changing the digital world like the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our reality. Due to the pandemic, companies and marketers raise their budget spend on digital marketing by 90% despite the fall of their revenue. To adjust to the new reality, you have to constantly adapt and change.

Digital Agencies are facing the challenges of creating a better future for everyone.

E-commerce, personalized experience they can cause a digital headache.

What to expect in 2021?

Here are some top digital trends into 2021:

1. ΑΙ (Artificial Intelligence)

A gaze into the future! Robots are here to replace jobs and collect data to report to their owners. According to Techgrabyte:

“Artificial intelligence is the biggest commercial opportunity for companies, industries, and nations over the next few decades” and “will increase global GDP by up to 14% between now and 2030,” which means that “AI latecomers will find themselves at a serious competitive disadvantage within the next several years.”

Why do you need to adopt AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

  • Reduction of costs
  • AI-driven products and services
  • Customer preference for AI offerings
  • Consumer behaviour analysis
  • Help business understand more about their products/services and user interaction with them
  • Email personalization
  • Product recommendations based on personal preferences
  • Voice Assistant
  • Chat boxes with human-like responses
  • Safer E-commerce transactions

2. Smart Bidding

The most popular option for marketers. Just trust Google while AI is doing all the heavy work for you. Machine learning has now reached the best potential that can bring to your business, offering exactly what you needed for your digital strategy and audience targeting.

3. Programmatic Advertising

 AI is also here. Target specific audience, real-time bidding & dynamic ads will bring you the higher conversion value in lower customer acquisition cost.

4. Chatbots

AI-based technology uses instant messages with a human-like feeling. The pros of this technology are:

  • 24h service
  • Instant responses that drive easy conversions
  • Quick answers to customers simple questions
  • Never loses patience
  • The real-time connection between consumers and your business
  • Higher engagement & loyalty to services
  • Saves time

5. Video Content

It is predicted that in 2022, more than 80% of consumer internet traffic will be driven by online video (GOOGLE INSIGHTS). This shift opens up opportunities for brands to connect with consumers in new ways.

Being successful in 2021 means tapping into the online video trend to reach and engage the consumer where they are.

Video has become a pillar to contemporary digital strategies as it brings you closer to your audience. Live videos, stories, long or short form of videos are only some examples of content. The video reflects your brand and allows users to be a part of your experience or concept and engage in more direct reactions.

6. Trusting your brand comes before personalisation

Personalized content is the king! Ads, emails, products and more are changing accordingly to the way people interact with your business. A digital marketing strategy in 2021 should start from that point! Personalization is the key to success to increase your revenue.

Consumers want to see the reflection of their preferences on your brand. They don’t like losing time by seeing content, products or services that they have no interest in. However, brands must be mindful of the social rules.

Personal data & information will be sharable only when people trust you. And this is a new challenge all brands should take seriously.

7. AR Tech

Augmented reality interferes with the physical world.

By making you experience digital content in the same way you experience the world, AR opens up new avenues for your devices to be helpful during your day. It lets you visually scan for objects, simply by pointing your camera at them. By overlaying visual, immersive content on top of your real world, it can place responses right where your questions are.

8. Virtual Events

In Covid19 times businesses are forced to rethink how they plan and execute events.

Digital events (video on demand or live stream) take over more and more ground.

Live interactions and easy communication are crucial these days. Attendees want to be a part of an experience by feeling safe.

9. Audio Marketing

Nowadays content comes in many forms. Audio is one of them and winning more and more ground in digital content consumption. Multitasking or long waiting queues are moments where you can listen to the things you are most interested in. Clubhouse makes it clear. The strength of audio is huge. Moreover, podcasts also create value for listeners because they can combine informative and educational content while doing something else.

Mark Zuckerberg also got this! Facebook announces a range of new audio tools & formats. Businesses now are having the opportunity to introduce themselves, communicate their messages, share their passion in a new way. Social Audio experiences to Facebook: Live Audio Rooms & Podcasts are soon coming to Facebook.

Sound allows the listeners to get closer to your brand, creates emotions and the feeling of a real connection. Audio marketing is here to stay! Stay aware!

To sum up…

The best Digital Agencies are trying to adapt to the new digital future. Digital Marketing strategies should enrich the user experience and survive through the difficult competition. Moreover, the importance of data ethics is undeniable. Privacy and trust affect the digital ecosystem. Only people who trust your brand will give you access to their information. In 2021, digital marketing tactics should focus on that.

“People expect brands to safeguard their data and be clear about how they are using it, and what they are offering in return.” Matt Brittin President EMEA Business & Operations, Google.


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