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Does my site require a lot of content? Does it require a blog section? Exactly how crucial is content and blogging for SEO? These may seem as no brainers to several of you, but most business people are not experts in content marketing. The director of one company we are creating an innovative site for, thought his 5 page site was good - no joke.

You are able to see exactly where we are going with this, right? 5 pages of site content is almost certainly not up to scratch in case you would like to rank on page 1 (and probably page 2 or perhaps three) of search engines. "But I just have 2 lines of business. Just how many site pages can I possibly build?" Glad you asked!

Just how much Content Do I Really Need?

Let us return to the question above for a sec. We write content for plenty of businesses with limited service offerings. In reality, 1 of our customers is a driving school and for months and months, just about all they offered was car and moto driving licences. And for months and months, they ranked in search engines and received qualified site traffic and leads. How? We built out the site of theirs, obviously!

Remember that Google ranks web pages, not whole sites - and so as part of maximizing the online property of yours, you have to have web pages for all the lines of yours of business and more specific pages associated with those services (i.e., car driving licence, truck driving licence, moto driving licence, driving licence renewal, etc.). But I get it, you cannot do that forever. Your service offerings end at some point. So what would you do? Psst…check out the name of the blog post.

Do i need a blog on my website?

The answer to that's a big, fat "absolutely!" Let me give you 2 benefits that blogging can offer for every company. Indeed, any business.

Maximized ORGANIC Online Presence

Why is this important? Blogging allows you to target keywords consumers use to find your answer or questions they've about your products or industry. Heading to the driving school thing, some examples include:

  • How to renew my driving licence?
  • How to learn the questions about the driving licence exam?

Remember, pages rank, not sites. So to rank as much as you can for as many keywords as you can, you have to build out site content. Blogging is an intelligent and easy way to do this.

Higher Chance of Qualified Traffic & Leads

Long-tail keywords, which blog posts are able to target, are incredibly helpful! Even though they do not have similar search volume as broader keywords, they've the advantages of theirs. Actually, in a recent research we did the posts targeting more specific, long tail keywords generated probably the most leads. Additionally, in case you are targeting a less competitive keyword, it is much more likely to rank higher and receive more clicks.

Authority Boosts

Now, blog posts are not always going to generate qualified traffic, but that is okay and is to be expected. One of our client's organic visits jumped from 2,352 in July 2016 to 14,101 in July 2018. Nuts, right? That insane increase will be the product of a nationally ranking blog post! What is really good about that, you may ask? authority, authority, authority. The greater a page ranks and the more folks click the listing - along with other sites start linking to it - the more authoritative it's in Google's eyes. And also the more consumers see the organization to be a trustworthy, reputable authority online.


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