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The very last 2 years, good initiatives to get rid of the use of HTTP protocol is being made by Google. Through Chrome, its very own famous browser, the tech giant tries to convince everybody that HTTPS is actually an one way road.

Assuming you're currently not informed, HTTPS is actually the protected version of HTTP communication protocol, and it does something truly important: with the usage of an SSL certificate, the information transferred from and to a website are encrypted, so that no third party, with no permission, can read or even take them. HTTP has no encryption, therefore its a heaven spot for aspiring intruders.

As of today, Chrome attempted to inform its users about all of the above, by marking HTTPS sites as protected and putting a padlock on the address bar. HTTP sites had just an "I" next to them, and just when someone clicked on it, could see more info about the connection's safety measures.

Chrome 68

Those days are actually gone, as the brand new Chrome sixty eight which became readily available on July 24th, creates something new. It's harmful to people who insist on using the old by internet standards HTTP, but certainly beneficial to the protection of the whole web: Chrome sixty eight marks all HTTP sites as not safe!

Update your Chrome browser and hop around a number of sites. You are going to see for yourself this shift, and just how awful is actually a not secure mark for the user's experience. Would someone enter the credit card number of theirs on a site with no HTTPS? Most likely not.

Google wishes to help users recognize when they're navigating in a secure environment and identify easier the sites which are not encrypting the information transferred from and to them. Chrome sixty eight is only the very first major step towards this particular direction. The upcoming editions of this famous browser, will have stronger marks for HTTP sites and make encryption a default.

We are going to keep you updated for anything new! Until then, be sure that your site is well prepared for the HTTPS era. Get from Ruler.Agency an SSL Certificate that meets the requirements of yours. 256 bit encryption is provided by us, that's probably the highest standard of protection in the certification business!


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